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Ryan Scott

blues | groove | Rock | soul

« Saw one of the most crazy good rocking guitar player singers ever last night. I think his name is Ryan Scott. »

Ryan Scott is a New York-based musician, and most notably, a guitar man. He’s been described as a genius, axe murderer, and shredder extraordinaire.  Ryan embodies rock ‘n roll and soul in its purest form, influenced by the blues-rock guitar lineage, New York’s Jazz tradition, New Orleans R&B, Brazilian psychedelia, and much more. His mastery of technique, groove, and aesthetic are undeniable. With a technical expertise way beyond his years, he delivers freshly crafted tunes and wildly energetic live performances.  After a performance at the 2017 Ground Up music festival, David Crosby tweeted, « Saw one of the most crazy good ROCKING guitar player singers ever last night. I think his name is Ryan Scott. »  Ryan Scott is his name and Crosby isn’t exaggerating.


Ryan has been playing music professionally for over two decades and he’s only 36. He began playing at 10, his first bar gig at 12. As a teen he was mentored in jazz by master bebop guitarist Bruce Forman, travelled overseas with jazz ensembles and won a blues guitar competition at 14.  In 2001, Ryan moved to NYC diving immediately into the city’s jazz scene.  At 18, he was one of the youngest musicians around sharing the stage with the likes of Chris Cheek, Joel Frahm, John Ellis, Chris Thile, Marianne Faithful.  Over the course of the following decade he did various session work (Aoife O’Donovan), writing and production for TV shows (Louie, Nat Geo, TBS), TV ads (Google, Budweiser, GMC), club gigs and side man affairs. Though Jazz was Ryan’s concentration, it’s the Blues, Hip Hop and Rock ‘n Roll that solidify his spirit captured in his most current projects.


In January 2019 Ryan digitally released his first album in 10 years, A Freak Grows in Brooklyn, recorded on cassette in his Brooklyn studio and home.  An endeavor entirely of his own, he is credited as writer, engineer and sole musician on the album (vocals, guitars, bass, drums, and keys).  With this completely grass-roots release, his songs are being played on radio stations around the world and by nothing more than word of mouth, he has accumulated listeners and fans in 56 countries and growing. He is ready to take it on the road.

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