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Ghostly International

electronic | techno

Ghostly International is a music and art company from Chicago supporting work of high quality, integrity, and individuality

« Transcending its record label roots to sell an ethos, » says The New York Times, Ghostly International has grown from a boutique known for its experimental-pop and techno acumen into an internationally recognized multicultural platform representing some of the world’s best visual artists, designers, technologists, and musicians.

What does Ghostly sound like? “Genre-less” was a term thrown around in the early days and that idea still holds true. Ghostly’s music — as with all of its artistic pursuits — straddles stylistic divisions, carving out space where sounds and ideas can cavort without inhibition or category. The label itself is twofold. Ghostly International’s output follows a wayward path: nominally, music of electronic means, experimental methods, and pop methodology, but encompassing much more. Sibling label Spectral Sound centers on the Midwestern American Dance Sound: house, techno, electro, and related music.

Home for Audion, Beacon, Black Marble, Brijean, C418, Christopher Willits, Com Truise, Dabrye, DRAMA, Fort Romeau, Galcher Lustwerk, Geotic, Heathered Pearls, Helios, HTRK, Jacaszek, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Khotin, Kllo, LAUNDER, Logan Takahashi, Lusine, Mary Lattimore, Matthew Dear, Osborne, Ouri, Patricia, quickly, quickly, Recondite, Shigeto, The Sight Below, Starchild & The New Romantic, Steve Hauschildt, Telefon Tel Aviv, TOBACCO, Tycho, X-Altera

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Last Projects

Rick Wade - Detroit Hustle
Brijean - Moody (Buscabulla Remix)
Lusine - Just A Cloud
Tycho - "Hours"
Matthew Dear - Bad Ones (feat Tegan and Sara)
Legowelt - Disco Rout
Seth Troxler - "Hurt"
Kllo - Walls To Build (Mall Grab Remix)
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